Nikki Bella confirms her new relationship in dance video, Natalya shows off injuries from RAW

Nikki Bella Rediscovers Passion

Nikki Bella and her new beau from Dancing With The Stars, Artem Chigvintsev, are officially boyfriend and girlfriend. During this week’s Bella Podcast, Nikki confirmed their relationship. Not only did she put a label into words, but she danced to let the world know.

Back in 2017, Bella joined the Dancing With the Stars cast alongside Chigvintsev. The fans loved their chemistry, but being that she was engaged to John Cena at the time and how loyal Bella is the two only remained friends. After the breakup, Bella and Chigvintsev reconnected their friendship. The two started getting romantically involved back in January of 2019 and now seven months later they put a label on their relationship.

Brie Bella and fans have been teasing Nikki about their relationship for seven months now just to make it official. Nikki said on her podcast if we are going to do this we have to play it up for the world to know about our relationship. “I literally was joking with him that I wanted the title of our dance to be ‘#Official’ because everyone was writing on social media lately like, ‘No labels, just be #official,'” Nikki continues on the Bellas Podcast “And so, I was like, oh my gosh, I’m totally gonna play that up, what everyone’s talking about on social media. And then Brie reminded me that that was very corny to name a dance ‘#Official,’ and she told me that like five or six times.”

Nikki and Artem celebrate and announce their romance by dancing to Rita Ora’s song, “Let You Love Me” on YouTube. This song brings meaning to Nikki she said because was scared about getting into a relationship after her longtime relationship with John Cena. She and Artem connect on a deep level, and she didn’t want to run from her feelings anymore.

“This song really hit me hard because I just felt like, OK, I’m falling for this guy really fast but I want- not that I want to avoid it, but I just keep trying to push Artem away because I wasn’t ready for anything,” she said. “Like, what was coming at with me Artem, this amazing guy and he just makes me laugh and it’s just easy to be around him and he makes me feel stress-free. I felt myself falling for him a lot. But then I felt like I was acting out in ways… I was avoiding it and these lyrics hit me hard because she’s kind of talking about that.”

Nikki is finally ready to let Artem love her.

Check out the spicy and sensual dance above.

Natayla Shows Off Battle Wounds

Natayla shows off her scars from Monday RAW on her shoulder. She quotes artist, Wiz Khalifa, stating that scars make us who we are. Natayla is stating to Becky Lynch that she is not afraid of her. She will face her injured and all.

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