4/14 WWE Results: Strasbourg, France

Hi! This is the results of the tonight House Show in Strasbourg, France.

1/Evan Bourne beat Chavo Guerrero

2/Christian beat Dos Caras (Dos Caras was Heel during the match)

3/William Regal beat MVP

4/Masterlock Challenge: No contest between Chris Master and Hornswoggle

5/Diva Championship: Special Guest Referee: Kelly Kelly
Eve Torres (c) beat Maryse
Maryse insults the French public in French before the Match.

6/Triple Threat United States Championship Match:
The Miz (c) beat Ted Dibiase and Kofi Kingston

Ted DiBiase comes with the Million Dollar Belt and The Miz make a little discourse in French.

7/Sheamus beat Mark Henry

8/John Cena and Randy Orton beat Batista and The Big show

The.Feud and Demonking from http://www.catch-revolution.fr/