Maria Kanellis hospitalized with flu-like symptoms on Tuesday, pregnancy unaffected

Maria Kanellis hospitalized

Maria Kanellis-Bennett announced on her Instagram that she was hospitalized on Tuesday with flu-like symptoms.

Kanellis mentioned this was the first time in her career that she had missed a day in WWE that was unplanned. Kanellis was vomiting from 6 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon, had a bad headache, and suffered from dehydration.

After being treated at the hospital with fluids, nausea medication, and Tylenol, Kanellis reported she was feeling a lot better. Most importantly, her baby is doing fine. Kanellis just hit the 12-week mark of her pregnancy.

On behalf of the staff of Wrestleview, we’d like to wish Maria Kanellis-Bennett a speedy recovery.


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This is where I spent my day yesterday. Baby number 2 is giving me a run for my money. I had acute vomiting, a headache, and I was dehydrated. I threw up from 6am-3pm nonstop. I have never missed a day at WWE that wasn’t planned for in advance. But yesterday I was forced to stay away. It was a wild day! I received fluids, nausea meds, and Tylenol. They think I had a flu bug but I am feeling much better today. The nurses and doctors were fantastic and very caring. This pregnancy is definitely different from the first time. Baby 2 is doing good and that is what matters most. I am blessed to be pregnant and to have a beautiful 15 month old. Plus, women get pregnant all the time, work jobs, have other children, keep house, go to school, travel, have a second job, no paid maternity leave, are single, adopt, and so many other things. So, I keep things in perspective even when I have a tough day or 6 weeks…. I am still incredibly BLESSED!!! #secondpregnancy #12weekspregnant #seeyounextweek

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