Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho on travel situation

With the Smackdown crew finally landing in the United States very early on Sunday morning, Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho have tweeted their journey.

Here’s what Matt Hardy wrote:

“Here’s the deal-Wake up at 6 am Fri morn, prep, travel, & catch a train at 11 am (5 hrs) Uncomfortable train ride from Hannover, Germany to Zurich, Switzerland that took 7 hrs (12 hrs) Go directly to venue & perform which was 5 hrs (17) Get on a bus for 6 hrs (23) Break, eat, & get the ONLY bus that would take us to Madrid, Spain (24 hrs) spent 18 torturous hours on that bus (42 hrs) to barely make our flight to the States which took almost 10 hrs (52 hrs) Clear customs, get to hotel and a bed took about 2 hrs (54 hrs total) Top that travel story guys!”

And here’s what Chris Jericho tweeted:

“Been 36 hours since I’ve seen a bed. No end in sight either…. This trip is taking years off my career. I’m having my retirement match on Monday against Macgruber.. Our bus is about to break down. More redlights on the dash than a Christmas tree and the driver is on the phone while reading the manual.. The driver just crossed himself….lol! The driver just took a shot of sauce!Just landed in Newark. 47 hrs without a bed but at least we’ve escaped from under ashened skies…”