According to Box Office Mojo, Universal Studios Fast & Furious spin-off “Hobbs & Shaw” starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has taken the number #1 spot at this weekend’s box office bringing in an estimated $180 million globally.

Hobbs & Shaw, also starring Jason Statham debuted in a total of 4,253 theaters this weekend (the second widest release in the Fast & Furious franchise) with an estimated $60.8 million, domestically which is said to be in line with pre-weekend expectations.

The film debuted at #1 in 52 of the markets it opened, with Russia leading the way with an estimated at $8.1 million. 

Additional debuts for Hobbs & Shaw include the United kingdom at $7.8 million, Indonesia at $7.69 million, India at $7.4 million, Mexico at $6.96 million, Japan at $6.58 million, Taiwan at $6.2 million, Germany at $5.45 million, Australia at $4.89 million, Malaysia at $4.67 million and Brazil coming in at $3.9 million.

Hobbs & Shw will open in Belgium, France and Italy later this week followed by Korea this Thursday, August 14 and China on August 23.

Roman Reigns, Johnson’s real life cousin also co-stars in the film as the brother of the Luke Hobbs character.

The movie’s final trailer prior to its release can be viewed above.