News on KOTR, Eve Torres, Caras, and more

– There is talk of doing a King of the Ring tournament this year as a dual-brand tournament to give one of the younger guys a rub. Regal won the last KOTR in 2008 which took place during a 3-hour Raw in Greenville, SC.

– Divas champion Eve Torres is dating her jiu-jitsu trainer Rener Gracie.

– From Jeff Sheridan: Hot Chip’s WWF Influence on

– Dos Caras Jr. received some good reviews by his peers on the European tour. People who have worked with him say he speaks great English which obviously is a huge plus. The plan to eventually establish him on television and promote him on WWE’s Mexican tours where his father, Don Caras, was a legend in the 1970s and 80s, and was one of the greatest heavyweights ever to come out of Mexico. Caras Jr. is also the nephew of legendary Luchador Mil Mascaras. (credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)

— We are still seeking a correspondent for tonight’s Smackdown/NXT tapings at the Mohegan Sun Casino in
Connecticut. If you are attending, please let us know.

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