Trish Stratus was interviewed by Kayla Braxton following her defeat at the hands of Charlotte Flair at last night’s SummerSlam event. Stratus addressed the fact that this was her last match.

“This kind of was going to be a comeback match, which is what I was calling it because I was training and getting ready for a big comeback match. As everything set in and there was a certain finality to everything, it just became clear that it was a farewell match so definitely emotions set in at that point.

“I’m just so honored to have been able to go in there with Charlotte Flair. It was an honor and a privilege to be in there with an athlete of her caliber. I’m just thankful that the girls let me dip my toe into the waters of today. We definitely feel like the girls of before laid the platform, but boy they built a skyscraper.”

Trish Stratus also addressed her final match on Twitter by saying she needs to process everything and thanked the fans.