Fighting Spirit Magazine is featuring an interview with WWE star Chris Jericho that was picked up by The Sun in the UK. Here are some of the highlights.

On original plans for Wrestlemania 25 with Mickey Rourke:
“The plan was for me to work with Mickey Rourke and the deal was made, but then Mickey spilled the beans at the Screen Actors’ Guild awards. That was a couple of weeks before the Oscars and his agents flipped out because they thought it might cost him the Oscar — and maybe it did. Had he not said anything, it would’ve happened because he was into it and everything was cool. He just got too excited about it. Vince McMahon wasn’t going to announce anything until after the Oscars but when Mickey said that, it made everything fall apart.”

On Rourke being upset with him after his Larry King appearance:
“He was furious. He thought I was serious, because he’d never met me before. He was convinced I was going to try and beat him up. He actually showed up at WrestleMania with three MMA fighters — including Frank Shamrock — who were ready to beat me up if I tried anything. I had to explain I was just playing a part, but when I finally convinced him that was what I was doing, I think he was fairly impressed with my acting ability.”

On TNA Impact moving to Monday night’s recently:
“I think everyone is thinking about it and I think the smart people are hoping TNA do great. I hope they do a 5.0 rating. It would make it better for us. I hope they do great and although I’ve taken jabs at Eric Bischoff on Twitter, I like him and I’m happy that he’s in TNA. I’m glad they’ve moved to Monday nights and I hope they succeed — it’s just they seem to shoot themselves in the foot. I think it would be very frustrating to be there because they always seem to do things backwards to the way I would do them.”

To check out the full interview, click here.