Recap of the 2010 WWE Supplemental Draft

Coverage of the 2010 WWE Supplemental Draft was presented earlier this afternoon with columnist and radio host “Mr. V” Anthony Valvo covering the events live for WrestleView!

Pick #1: The Great Khali AND Ranjin Singh both go to Raw.

Thoughts: It really does nothing for me. The Great Khali is taking time off anyway, while Singh I believe is a RAW writer so he won’t be traveling much. It is not a shocking move in my opinion.

Pick #2: Chavo Guerrero goes to Smackdown.

Thoughts: I actually like this move. He was done on RAW anyway and rarely earned any victories. I think he goes to Smackdown and does the same, but at least he will be competitive. Chavo is still a good worker and can really make some of the younger guys on Smackdown better.

Pick #3: Cody Rhodes goes to Smackdown.

Thoughts: I like this pick for Smackdown. On Raw, I would think Rhodes would have been near the bottom of the card. Now that they put Rhodes on the Smackdown brand, he could improve his work and stay on their mid-card. All in all, a very solid pick up for Team Smackdown!

Pick #4: Natalya goes to Raw.

Thoughts: I guess they needed a diva that can actually wrestle, right? All kidding aside, I think this was a solid move! Natalya, though she hasn’t wrestled on TV in a while, may be the best women’s wrestler in the WWE today. Having her perform live on Monday Nights is a great way to boost that division. Expect the Hart Dynasty to be drafted to Raw later today.

Pick #5: Chris Masters goes to Smackdown.

Thoughts: I am not sure about this move for Masters. I don’t even think a move to Smackdown will help him. He has not been on TV in a while (to wrestle at least) and now lost Eve as his valet (remember that?). I hate to say this, but I think this may be the end for Masters. Though I would like to see him do some great things on Smackdown, I just don’t think there will be room for him.

Pick #6: Ezekiel Jackson goes to Raw.

Thoughts: Dave Stephens…REJOICE!! From an analyst point of view it is either good or bad for Jackson. I know he is hurt and I am hoping for a speedy recovery, but this is a tough situation. He has some potential to be a powerful superstar in the WWE, but will be ready to perform on Monday nights? Does the WWE give Jackson a little bit of a push after his injury or will be be released. If Jackson is used properly after his injury, this could boost the mid-card for Raw. If the injury takes time to heal, then Jackson may not be around, which would be a shame.

Pick #7: Goldust goes to Raw.

Thoughts: Although he won’t amount to many victories on Raw, this is a impressive move for Team Raw. Goldust will have great charisma with the guest hosts and can give mid-card guys a solid 5-7 minute match. He is the perfect veteran to put on that roster and I can see good things for him, if you don’t count the win/loss record.

Pick #8: Hornswoggle goes to Smackdown.

Thoughts: Somewhere my radio co-host is in tears. But I can only see this as a reunion of some sorts for Hornswoggle and his “father” Finlay. The only good thing coming out of this would be funny antics on the Smackdown brand.

Pick #9: JTG goes to Raw.

Thoughts: This is a pretty interesting move. I thought JTG was going to have good potential in the mid-card on Smackdown, but now that has changed. With Raw, that worries me a bit. JTG has a good arsenal of moves, but will he be used right on Raw? Expect him to get a couple victories to start, then who knows what will happen. All I can say is he will either be a strong mid-carder or a bust.

**At 2:12pm EST, WWE’s Corey Clayton reported that JTG will stay on Smackdown! A few minutes later, took down the “JTG to Raw” announcement**

Alright, I guess we will do it again…

Pick #9: Rosa Mendes goes to Smackdown.

Thoughts: It is a “blah” pick in my opinion. Smackdown needs divas, and now they added Rosa. They lost Natalya earlier, so I think this is an unfair trade off. I think this does give Rosa a bit of staying power, but one must wonder what will happen to Zack Ryder now. If Ryder is not drafted with “his girlfriend”, then I hope Ryder saved his money.

Pick #10: WWE Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith) both go to Raw.

Thoughts: As expected, The Dynasty members will be entertaining the WWE Universe on Monday nights. Look, this is a HUGE move here to put them on the Raw brand. Though it really crushed Smackdown, this had to be done for the Dynasty. Since WrestleMania, they were being pushed to the moon and now are the champions. A true tag team on WWE’s Flagship show will only do wonders for the Tag Team division. Here is hoping they stay a team for years to come.

Pick #11: MVP goes to Smackdown.

Thoughts: I was hoping this would happen because there was nothing for MVP on Raw. He got that one strong right after the draft, but then nothing came out of it. Now on Smackdown, MVP could be a real player in the main event scene. Out of all these picks in the Supplemental Draft, I think this one has the potential to make someone a star again. In just one day MVP probably went from low-mid card on Raw to a potential main event wrestler for Smackdown. MVP will win a title before the fall, bank on it.

And with that, I bid you all good bye. Thanks for reading this 2010 Supplemental Draft column and I will provide my grades (as well as thoughts from the eight drafted on Raw) in “From the Desk of Mr. V #66”. Enjoy your day, readers. You are all…DISMISSED!

Special thanks to Adam Martin and Paul Nemer for allowing me to post today’s picks.

Quick recap-

Raw brand Supplement Draft Picks:
* The Great Khali & Ranjin Singh
* Natalya
* Ezekiel Jackson
* Goldust
* WWE Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty

Smackdown brand Supplemental Draft Picks:
* Chavo Guerrero
* Cody Rhodes
* Chris Masters
* Hornswoggle
* Rosa Mendes

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