Miz and Mrs. Season One WWE Network

According to WWE Network News, Season One of the hit reality series Miz and Mrs. is coming to the WWE Network Friday September 20.

Miz and Mrs. had initially six episodes ordered for season one, but due to its success, USA Network ordered an additional 14 episodes. 

Also according to the same report, beyond these 20 episodes, the WWE Network will live stream a marathon of the first season starting at 11:00am ET the same day.

This past April, the USA Network announced they renewed the show for a 20 episode second season which is set to premiere in 2020.

Below is the exclusive full listing of Miz and Mrs. Season One courtesy of WWE Network News.

Episode 1 – A Simple Mizunderstanding
In the premiere episode of WWE’s newest reality television series, The Miz and his wife Maryse welcome the WWE Universe inside their private lives. With a baby on the way, The A-List Couple carves out time for a special photo shoot. But when The Miz misunderstands Maryse’s directions, the shoot doesn’t go quite according to plan.

Episode 2 – Miz Takes the Cake
As Maryse prepares for her big baby shower, The Miz’s frugality adds to the stress of the day. The Miz and his dad have an unfortunate mishap while picking up the shower cake. Marjo has a special surprise for The Miz and Maryse.

Episode 3 – Certified Superdad
With only weeks until the biggest WWE show of the year, WrestleMania, and Maryse’s due date, The Miz is feeling the pressure professionally and personally. Maryse and Marjo attend an infant CPR class. Maryse’s past injury comes back to haunt her.

Episode 4 – Proud Papa
As the time arrives for the birth of their daughter, The Miz and Maryse reflect on their relationships with their parents. The Miz returns home to Cleveland for a WWE event. Maryse nixes The Miz’s plans to record their daughter’s birth with multiple cameras.

Episode 5 – Roadtrip Mania
Following WWE’s biggest show of the year, WrestleMania, The Miz and Maryse say goodbye to their Los Angeles home, load up a tour bus and move to Austin, Texas. But the trip doesn’t go as smoothly as planned. Plus, The Miz and Marjo prank each other over the 30-plus hour trip.

Episode 6 – Cowboy Miz
The Miz and Maryse move into their new home in Austin, Texas, but delays with the moving truck interrupt their schedule. The Mizanins explore Texas culture at a dude ranch. Maryse oversees the final move-in while The Miz travels oversees on a WWE tour.

Episode 7 – Baby’s First SummerSlam
The Miz and Maryse travel with Monroe on an airplane for the first time en route to SummerSlam for Mike’s headlining match against Daniel Bryan. Back in Austin, Marjo takes care of the family’s dogs.

Episode 8 – Shop ‘Til You Draft
Maryse’s love of shopping and Mike’s love of fantasy football cause tension between “WWE’s IT Couple.” Plus, Mike tries to teach Marjo to swim.

Episode 9 – Mr. Mizanin’s Neighborhood
The Miz and Maryse meet the neighbors, discover there’s a mixed a reaction to their living in Austin and try to improve neighborhood relations. Marjo tries driving the golf cart with disastrous results.

Episode 10 – Miz’s First Pitch
After he’s invited to throw out the first pitch at a Cleveland Indians baseball game, The Miz practices pitching with his dad. Maryse helps Marjo improve her Instagram game.

Episode 11 – Miz & Maryse Alone Time
The Miz is determined to move Monroe out of his bed and into the nursery so he can sleep and reignite the spark in his relationship with Maryse. Marjo makes Mike extremely uncomfortable when giving him love advice.

Episode 12 – Three Dudes and a Baby
Dolph Ziggler, Ryan Cabrera, and The Miz watch a Cleveland Browns game and take care of Monroe while Maryse and Marjo take a spa day.

Episode 13 – Miz Fest
After seeing Mike on a list of the Best Dad-Bods, Maryse throws him a massive surprise birthday party called “Miz-Fest” to help him feel better.

Episode 14 – It’s a Miz-tery
After Maryse and Marjo make him breakfast and treat him exceptionally nicely, Mike becomes suspicious that they want something. Plus, Maryse tries to teach Mike to speak French.

Episode 15 – Renaissance Miz
The Miz takes Maryse on a surprise date to a renaissance fair. Plus, a snake in the garden freaks out Mike but charms Maryse. WWE Superstars Maria and Mike Kanellis help The Miz with his picture-taking abilities.

Episode 16 – Miz Proofing
As baby Monroe gets close to crawling, Mike is determined to baby-proof the house. Maryse goes dress shopping for WWE’s first all-women’s pay-per-view, Evolution, and gets Monroe made up for the event’s red carpet.

Episode 17 – Cheese Wheel of Miz-fortune
Mike and Maryse prepare to host a dinner party with celebrity chef Robert Irvine. Maryse wants to buy an expensive 70-pound wheel of cheese.

Episode 18 – Heel No More
Maryse is frustrated with The Miz’s poor listening skills. Meanwhile, Mike struggles with the evolution of his WWE character from “bad guy” to “good guy.”

Episode 19 – French Invasion
Maryse’s extended family visits from Quebec. Mike’s competitive streak causes problems with Maryse’s family and in a video game contest on WWE’s YouTube gaming channel UpUpDownDown.

Episode 20 – IT Couple in LA
After living in Austin for more than a year, The Miz takes Maryse on a surprise trip back to their old stomping grounds in Los Angeles. Maryse has a big surprise of her own that leads to a big decision.