The Baltimore Sun posted an interview with Jerry Lawler. He joked about never wrestling at Wrestlemania saying the next time he renews his contract he will try to have that written in. He recalled talking to Vince McMahon about his Hall of Fame induction in 2007 noting that he wasn’t keen on the idea as he felt the Hall was for retired wrestlers where as he still works indie shows every weekend across the country.

He said WWE often offers him house show bookings but he’s leery because he doesn’t want a full-time schedule. “I have a perfect gig at WWE doing Raw every week and the PPVs every month and that leaves me with the rest of my time to devote to art and the occasional independent shot,” he said.

When asked if he had ever considered contributing to creative, he said: “I have thought about it with a lot of fear and trepidation. It’s just more demanding than I would be able to withstand. I have all the respect in the world for those guys on what they do, but the conditions that job entails. Vince McMahon is a great guy to work for but a hard guy to work for. Anything that diverts his attention from WWE, he doesn’t like. When you work for someone like that, they have a tendency for you to have that same thought process. It’s a lot of hard work and it’s more than I would be up to at this point in my career.”

(credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)