News on Swagger, Kozlov, Bryan and more

– From Daniel Wilson from Sacramento: So I was looking through the newest Star Magazine in the breakroom at work. The women I work with have all those gossip mags in the breakroom at work and there’s nothing else to do so I browse through em from time to time. So I’m looking at the May 10,2010 edition and I see a pic of Vladimir Kozlov and the star of the upcoming MacGruber movie, Will Forte from Raw a couple weeks ago. So I read the caption. It’s basically just mentioning that he was on Raw however they spelled Kozlov as Koslov with an S and also…here’s the funny part: they listed him as WWE Champ! Now I know these magazines are trash and rarely ever check their facts but Vladimir Kozlov the WWE Champion?! Gees…

– From Mike Informer: World champ Swagger climbing WWE ladder

Daniel Bryan wrote a blog noting that he’s been suffering from sickness recently and has lost 15 pounds. He said he has a really weak immune system which is something he’s struggled with all his life.

– From Matthew Sheppard: I was at the WWE house show in Mobile, not Huntsville, AL, and a few other corrections that need to be made:

Dos Caras def Primo with a sick looking head kick

Yoshi Tatsu def Zack Ryder w/ Rose Mendes

MVP def Regal

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