Conflicting reports on WWE fan at house show

Follow up from Alica Fleming:

CM Punk comes out and talks trash to the fans and even making fun of our country accent. Well Rey made his entrance and during it. Punk went down to ring side and took a kids sign. Which I believe read 619. Well he then proceed to get a marker and write sucks. To be funny I assume. His mom got mad. So he just looked them. And tore the sign up into little pieces. Well she started yelling and just went off on him. He got closer and said something and then she slapped the hell out of him. He backed up in shock. Security jumped in. Security took her from her seat. Then Rey Mysterio came in got her and took her back to her seat then Rey said on the mic I want her to see me kick your butt. Then after the match ended the cops escorted her out of the building anyways.


from Jeremy Westwood:

I was at the Smackdown House Show on 5-2-10 in Johnson City,TN.

I just wanted to correct your “eye witness”. Your eye witness didn’t witness anything if they saw the fan being
ejected from the building, because that is false. CM Punk made his way to the ring, and got tons of heat, he spent
about 5 minutes walking around ringside getting heat from certain people. The last one he approached, was an older
lady who was going back & forth with him, and Punk finally said something that struck a nerve with her, because the
lady struck Punk with a slap. But the slap was a very weak slap. The WWE Security, & Arena Security went directly
towards the fan, and was escorting her out of the arena. But Rey Mysterio was in the ring, and stopped the Security
from taking the fan out of the arena. Security escorted her back to her seat, and Rey exited the ring, and went down
and hugged the fan, then got on the mic, & said “Punk this Lady isn’t going anywhere, she is gonna seat right there,
and watch me kick your butt”. Crowd popped, and also popped for the fan. Punk went back over to the fan, and was
running his mouth again, but Security was around the woman, and refrained her from doing anything else again. I just wanted to correct your story, so the fan was not ejected, and there will be no legal actions.