The Wrestlemania 26 DVD will go on sale tomorrow, Tuesday, May 4. The DVD contains the Wrestlemania 26 PPV, the entire WWE 2010 Hall of Fame ceremony and the following extras:

Hall of Famer matches

Primetime Wrestling: January 1, 1985
Mad Dog Vachon vs. Rick McGraw

Madison Square Garden: July 23, 1984
WWE Women’s Championship

Wendi Richter vs. Fabulous Moolah

Madison Square Garden: December 17, 1979
Japanese Heavyweight Championship

Antonio Inoki vs. The Great Hossein (aka Iron Sheik)

AWA: 1951
Gorgeous George vs. Frankie Talliber

WrestleMania 6: April 1, 1990
Ted DiBiase vs. Jake Roberts

Wrestlemania 26 Battle Royal