WWE star Lacey Evans stays in character while receiving speeding ticket in Canada

Lacey Evans remains in character while receiving a speeding ticket

WWE star Lacey Evans shared a clip on Twitter of herself received a speeding ticket in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada while remaining in character the entire time with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer.

Evans (real name Macey Estrella-Kadlec) asked the The RCMP Officer if what she received was a citation. 

The Officer then told Evans that it’s a violation ticket for speeding.  Evans then asked the officer is he knew who she was, and he replied that he had no idea.

Evans then told the Officer that she is “Lacey Evans, WWE Superstar, and I do not rate this ticket…You nasty thing I’ll pay the ticket.”

The Officer, then with a smile, wished Evans a good day by welcoming her Edmonton. 

Evans then ended the exchange by telling the RCMP Officer to have a “terrible day…Canada is terrible.”

Evans also noted on Twitter that RCMP would be speaking with her lawyer.

WWE was in Edmonton for a live event at Rogers Place on Saturday night. 

According to CTV News Edmonton, RCMP said this was a legit traffic stop and that the video was not staged.  It was also noted that RCMP would not comment further on the matter.

WWE Superstar Natalya responded to Evans’ exchange on Twitter by saying “Yeah he knows exactly who you are… that’s my cousin, b*tch. Don’t you know the Hart’s run Canada? Good luck getting through customs, my aunt is waiting for you.

You can view the clip Evans posted to Twitter, followed by Natalya’s post below: