WWE event, Smackdown news and WWE try out

– The 4/30 house show in Huntsville, AL drew 4,500 fans.

– The 4/23 Friday Night Smackdown did a 1.8 broadcast rating and 3.09 million viewers.

– During the week of August 16th, WWE will tape Smackdown in Fresno on 8/18, which is a Wednesday.

– Slam Wrestling has a story on Jason Maschke, an indie wrestler from Ontario, and his decision to retire after recovering from a life-threatening injury suffered during a WWE tryout match in 2006. Maschke collapsed during a match and was later diagnosed with a rare ailment called rhabdomyolysis, which releases dangerous proteins into the body, and if left untreated, can cause kidney failure.

(information from the Wrestling Observer and Wrestling Globe Newsletters were used in this report)