As revealed last week by WWE, buyrate information for Wrestlemania 26 was estimated at 885,000 buys worldwide with 510,000 buys coming domestically in North America. This would put the show at its lowest buyrate number since 2003. It would also be the lowest figure for a Wrestlemania domestically in North America since 1997, with a chance that the final number could come in even lower than that year once all numbers are finalized.

Wrestlemania 26 itself generated $28.8 million in revenue with total cost estimates being at around $15.7 million to produce the event. WWE officials were predicting this year’s show would be the most profitable in Wrestlemania history expecting at least 1.1 million buys. In comparison, last year’s Wrestlemania did $32.2 million in total revenue and cost $17.2 million to produce ending with a $15 million pre-tax and $9.7 million profit.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter