Jordan Myles fires back at WWE response, Titus O’Neil responds to the controversy

Jordan Myles WWE

Jordan Myles has responded to WWE’s response about the t-shirt controversy.

Responding to WWE’s claims that Myles approved the design of the t-shirt, Myles responded by saying he was always uncomfortable with the design. Myles also stated that he offered another design for the company to use.

Baker Landon, one of the merchandise team’s members, was involved in communications with Myles in the design process. Myles is claiming that Landon lied to him about speaking with Paul “Triple H” Levesque. Myles included a screenshot of an email exchange where Landon states that Triple H liked the design. Myles then claimed he talked to Triple H, who thought that Myles had approved of the t-shirt.

WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil responded to Myles’ claims, stating that he agrees with the distastefulness of the design but also disapproves of the way Myles went about conducting his business.