5/15 WWE Results: Kingston, Ontario

Results courtesy of GERWECK.NET

Hi there I just attended a WWE show in Kingston tonight and thought I would pass along the results

The show was at the K-Rock Centre, a brand new arena that usually holds around 3-5000 people. House was packed with the floor completely full and only a few higher decks empty, everyone seemed to have a good seat although it was very hard to see the entrance way from where I was sitting, however I had a perfect view of the ring only back about seven rows on the floor.

Justin Roberts was our announcer

Santino Marella defeated Zack Ryder via a roll up
– Santino was super over, with the crowd as loud as they would be until Morrison came out. He would hulk up, and attempt to do the Cobra, but eventually rolled Ryder up after a series of reversals

**Gail Kim came out to pick a fan to be the guest timekeeper, but only if they could answer what was the name of the next ppv, which amusingly enough several people failed to do**

Justin Gabriel defeated Wade Barrett via 450 Splash
– Fans didn’t care about either rookie and was mostly silent throughout the match, nobody seemed to know who they were

**Mark Henry came out in a sling and cut a promo about being unable to compete, the Miz came out to huge heel heat and mocked Henry while promoting his match with Bret
Hart this Monday. Miz ended up getting a one handed slam for his troubles**

Goldust defeated Dos Caras
– Caras was another random personality to the crowd, he cut a heel promo without a mask. I went to buy shirts during this match, came back just as Goldust won

The Hart Legacy defeated Carlito and Primo via a Heart Attack
– The Hart’s received a huge ovation with Nattie being insanely over with the crowd. Carlito got on the mic and claimed that although he and Primo were half Canadian, being in
Kingston had caused them to be embarrassed because of it. Nattie ran interference throughout the match, much to the crowds delight.


Eve and the Bella Twins defeated Maryse, Jillian, and Alicia Fox
– The fathers in the audience woke up for this one! One of the Bella’s spent the majority of the match being beaten by Maryse. The heels tried to leave the match near the beginning but they were chased back into the ring by the face divas.

John Morrison defeated Vladimir Kozlov via Starship Pain
– Kozlov cut a promo on the crowd in Russian, Morrison came out and got the crowd to call his an “Ugly Moose” and did antler signs with his hands to get Kozlov riled up

John Cena and Randy Orton defeated Sheamus and Ted DiBiase via Attitude Adjustment and RKO
– The place erupted when Orton came out but reached an entirely new level of “loud” when Cena came out. Cena grabbed a fans sign at one point which read “Sheamus is Albino” and held it up in front of Sheamus. Orton spent the majority of the match of the defense until Cena came in and made the save. After the match Cena and Orton stared at each other but eventually shook hands.

Good show for the low low price of 40 dollars a ticket. Crowd was super into the show for the most part, and the WWE was pretty good with interacting with their audience in such a smaller venue. No Edge, Jericho, Triple H, or Batista to be seen which was disappointing; but even so, it was a hell of a lot more entertaining watching these wrestlers while ten feet away from them, than on tv. Hopefully the WWE will come back to Kingston next year as well!

– Peter