WWE on FOX posted a short video to their YouTube Channel (view above) of CM Punk’s behind the scenes stunning debut on this past Tuesday’s episode of WWE Backstage. 

During the 1:12 minute mark of the video, Punk states that his role for the show was described to him by FOX Executives as an “analyst – like A-Rod for baseball and Troy Aikman for football.”

Punk is shown at the 2:25 minute mark of the video arriving to the FOX Sports Studio lot hiding his face with a scarf to make sure his surprise return wasn’t spoiled.

During the 2:45 minute mark of the video, in the elevator, he (CM Punk) removes the scarf from his face, says that “this all seems a little much, but this is kind of a big deal.” He then went on to say that “For the first time, I will say yes, I will admit that, this is kind of a big thing.”

WWE on FOX included the following description of the video:

“I’m not going to break the internet. I’m going to break the world.” Follow CM Punk from his hotel to the studio on the magical day of his shocking WWE Backstage debut in this exclusive, behind-the-scenes look.