b>WWE Intercontinental Championship
Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston lights up Drew McIntyre with a series of body kicks, a dropkick and then sends McIntyre over the top rope quickly with a clothesline. Kingston with a suicide dive that takes out McIntyre. McIntyre gets in a few shots and rolls back into the ring quickly. Kingston with a quick forearm and McIntyre rolls out again. Kingston tries to drag McIntyre back in by his hair and McIntyre sends Kingston into the steel ring post. McIntyre with a series of punches and kicks to Kingston in the corner. McIntyre with a body submission on Kingston. Kingston fights out with a big hip toss. Kingston attempts a dive backwards from the corner and McIntyre catches him with a big kick to the gut. McIntyre then mounts Kingston and gets in some big rights. McIntyre with a dive from the second rope and Kingston gets up his boots to block. Kingston with a series of dropkicks to McIntyre, jumps up in the top turnbuckle, gets in a few right hands and then drops McIntyre. Kingston catches McIntyre with a kick to the face landing in the corner and connects with a cross body for a close two count. McIntyre immediately responds with a big knee to the gut. Kingston then drives McIntyre shoulder first into the steel ring post. McIntyre remains in the corner and Kingston lands his Boom Drop resulting in a two count. McIntyre dodges a Trouble in Paradise attempt. Kingston then counters a hook DDT attempt and Kingston hits the S.O.S. Kingston covers McIntyre and gets the pinfall.

Winner & NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion: Kofi Kingston

After the match, Kofi Kingston celebrates with the WWE Intercontinental Championship. We see a replay of the finish. Back live, Kingston continues the celebration at the top of the entrance ramp. Drew McIntyre then grabs the mic and calls out Teddy Long. McIntyre said he will only say this once. “This Pay Per View is going to stop right now until Teddy Long gets out here, reverses the decision and declares me the Intercontinental champion.” Matt Hardy’s music hits and hits the ring. McIntyre goes on the attack and Hardy catches him with a Twist of Fate.

Backstage, we see CM Punk looking into a mirror and declaring himself the savior as Luke Gallows and Serena repeat his name. Punk promises he will beat Rey Mysterio tonight and Mysterio will join the Straight Edge Society – dubbing him Straight Edge Mysterio.

A video package runs highlighting the recent events between Ted DiBiase and R-Truth on Raw.

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