S.E.S. Pledge vs. Hair Match
Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk

CM Punk with a big kick early on that sends Rey Mysterio flying back. Mysterio fights back with some right hands in the corner on Punk. Punk quickly drops Mysterio and then drives his knee into the back of Mysterio. Punk launches Mysterio over the top rope to the outside. Mysterio rolls back in the ring when Punk rolls out, hits the ropes, slides out and catches Punk with a tilt-a-whirl huricanrana. Mysterio with a springboard huricanrana that sends Punk into the ropes. Mysterio goes for the 619 early and Punk quickly counters. Punk then grabs Mysterio and launches him through the ropes and face first into the barber chair that was sitting a ringside. Mysterio took a real big shot to the head there. Punk was busted open during the exchange and the referee starts to clean up Punk. A WWE trainer hits the ring and attends to Punk’s cut. Mysterio is slowly recovering on the outside and slowly slides back in the ring. We see a replay of where Punk might have busted himself open. As Mysterio is recovering on the ring apron, Punk breaks free from the trainer and referee attending to him and hits a baseball slide.

The fans were just starting a “BORING” chant when Punk when on the attack to resume the match. Punk keeps the attack going with a suplex to Mysterio on the outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Punk applies a modified triangle lock on the head of Mysterio. Mysterio with a close pinfall on Punk and Punk immediately responds with a huge clothesline. Punk with a series of elbow drops on Mysterio. Lawler and Striker are going back and forth on commentary. Mysterio with a sunset flip powerbomb on Punk for a close two count. Mysterio with a huge springboard cross body on Punk. Mysterio with a springboard senton, Punk is back up, Mysterio with a flip up to the shoulders of Punk and drops Punk back down. Punk drops Mysterio head first into the top turnbuckle. Mysterio fights back sending Mysterio into the ropes. Punk counters with a hook backbreaker on Mysterio. Punk covers Mysterio and Mysterio kicks out. Punk has Mysterio up for the GTS, Mysterio tries to counter into a huricanrana, Punk holds on and then powerbombs Mysterio into the corner with a ton of force.

Punk sits up on the top turnbuckle, jumps and catches Mysterio with a bulldog. Punk with a series of kicks to Mysterio with the final kick catching Mysterio with force to the head. Mysterio with a springboard dive at Punk, Punk catches Mysterio on his shoulders, Mysterio then sends Punk into the ropes and connects with a 619. Mysterio springboards up for a splash and Punk sits up. Mysterio crashes on the mat with force. Punk smiles and goes to lay back down over Mysterio for a pin when Mysterio hooks Punk into a pinfall for the three count. Punk is shocked.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

After the match, CM Punk sits back up and can’t believe it as some blood starts to trickle down his head. Rey Mysterio starts to celebrate with the mystery hooded member of S.E.S. hits the ring and takes down Mysterio. Luke Gallows and Serena then come down. Gallows hands Mysterio handcuffs and they start to cuff Mysterio when Kane’s pyro goes off. Kane hits the ring and starts clearing house. Kane with a chokeslam on Punk. Kane with right hands to Gallows on the outside. Mysterio then handcuffs Punk to the ropes. Mysterio with a front 619 to Punk to knock him out. Mysterio then handcuffs the other hand of Punk to the ropes. Mysterio grabs the hair cutters and starts shaving the head of Punk. Punk is screaming as Mysterio starts to shave his head. Punk puts his leg over the arm of Punk to hold Punk down as he continues shaving his head. Mysterio finishes the job and walks off with a hand full of Punk’s hair in his hands. The fans in the front start a “SHAVE HIS CHEST” chant. Serena runs over and puts a towel over Punk’s head. Serena then leaves when Mysterio returns to the ringside area and puts a mirror in Punk’s face. Punk freaks out when he sees himself. We see a replay of Punk getting his hair shaved.

At ringside, Cole, Lawler and Striker plug the Fatal Four Way PPV next month on June 20.

Backstage, Big Show is warming up when Chris Jericho approaches. He thanks Big Show for dropping him as a tag team partner and added that Jericho and Miz never needed him. Miz appears staring down Big Show. Big Show knows Miz is behind him and says if he doesn’t move he will knock him out and then knock Jericho out. Miz and Jericho slowly walk away as Big Show smiles.

—> The Hart Dynasty defending the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships against Chris Jericho & The Miz is up next.