WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Jack Swagger (c) vs. Big Show

Jack Swagger shoots in for a takedown and Big Show brushes him away quickly. Swagger attempts another takedown and Big Show drops Swagger’s head off his knee. Big Show gets into a grappling exchange with Swagger. Swagger rolls out and can’t believe it. Big Show mocks Swagger by doing a few push ups in the middle of the ring. Big Show chops Swagger on the chest a few times and then steps over his body. Big Show does this a second time. Big Show goes for a chokeslam early on and Swagger counters out and rolls back outside. Big Show grabs Swagger by the hair, lifts him to the ring apron and Swagger drops Big Show’s head off the top rope. Swagger then rolls back in, hits the ropes and spears the leg of Big Show. Swagger with a flying shoulder block to Big Show. Swagger with his springboard body splash in the corner on Big Show. Swagger backs up and does this a second time. Big Show drops Swagger with a series of clotheslines, connects with a body splash in the corner and follows with a big shoulder block dropping Swagger. Big Show attempts another chokeslam, Swagger starts kicking the legs of Big Show and Big Show pushes Swagger over the top rope by his throat. Swagger then grabs his World Heavyweight Championship on the outside, rolls back in and cracks it over the head of Big Show. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Big Show
Winner & still WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Jack Swagger

After the bell rings, Jack Swagger hits Big Show with the title belt one more time. Swagger then grabs a steel chair and returns to the ring. Swagger cracks the chair over the back of Big Show. Big Show falls to his knees and then slowly starts to recover. Big Show is almost back up when Swagger hits him over the back again. Big Show stands up again and drops Swagger with a chokeslam. Big Show grabs the steel chair and cracks it over the back of Swagger. Big Show then chokeslams Swagger over the steel chair. Big Show then connects with a knockout punch on Swagger. Big Show then heads to the back smiling as he slaps a few hands. WWE officials help Swagger to the back.

Backstage, Josh Mathews is with Batista. Batista said he heard John Cena scream “I Quit” on Monday night and promises to do the same tonight in Detroit.

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