WWE Divas Championship
Eve (c) vs. Maryse

Maryse tosses Eve into the steel ring post early on. Maryse drives the face of Eve into the mat and then applies a camel clutch. Eve is tossed to the outside and Maryse tries to kick Eve, but catches the steel ring post instead. Eve tosses Maryse back in the ring and hits a series of dropkicks. Eve with a standing moonsault on Maryse. Eve with a sunset flip on Maryse, but Maryse kicks out and covers Eve. Eve kicks out and Maryse yells at the referee adding, “Do your freaking job!” Eve with a facebuster on Maryse and Maryse gets a shoulder up just before the three count. Maryse counters a rolling senton splash by Eve by getting her knees up. Maryse starts laughing at her counter, attempts her DDT, Eve counters and drops Maryse with her double knee facebuster. Eve covers Maryse for the pinfall.

Winner & still WWE Divas Champion: Eve

After the match, Eve celebrated her win. Jerry Lawler wanted a replay of the finish and then started laughing when he was told in his headset that they would get to see a nice shot of the city of Detroit instead.

A video package runs highlighting the events between John Cena and Batista at last month’s Extreme Rules PPV and the events leading into tonight’s “I Quit” rematch.

—> John Cena defending the WWE Championship against Batista in an “I Quit” match is up next to close the show.