WWE Championship – “I Quit” Match
John Cena (c) vs. Batista

After the bell ring, Batista took the mic and gave John Cena the chance to quit right now. The referee asked Cena if he wanted to quit and handed him the mic. Orton said I don’t think so and hits Batista with the mic. Batista rolls out and Cena tries to hit him with a steel chair. Batista dodges it and rolls back in. Batista then drops Cena with a big clothesline. Batista works over Cena in the corner and then catches him with a big elbow. Batista catches Cena with a quick kick and then a big suplex in the middle of the ring. Cena catches Batista with a series of flying shoulder blocks and then plants Batista with his spinning powerbomb. Cena connects with the five knuckle shuffle on Batista. Cena has Batista up on his shoulders, Batista hangs on to the ropes, Cena breaks it and Batista pulls the referee in front of him. Batista then stomps the foot of Cena and catches him with a spear. Batista then locks on his new submission. The referee asks Cena if he wants to quit. Cena tries to fight out, lifts himself up with Batista on his shoulders and flips Batista off of him.

Cena then locks on the STF. Batista is asked if he wants to quit and Batista just screams out in pain. Cena keeps it locked on and Batista eventually passes out. Batista is asked if he wants to quit and Batista is out. Cena breaks the hold, grabs some water and pours it over the head of Batista to wake him up. The referee asks Batista and he screams no. Batista with a spinebuster on Cena and Batista Bomb to follow. The referee asks Cena and Cena says no. Batista goes to the outside and starts clearing both announcers tables off. Batista tosses Cena on the WWE announce table. Cena looks to counter by executing an Attitude Adjustment, but Batista jumps off, tosses Cena up on his shoulders and jumps driving himself and Cena through the Spanish Announce Table instead. The table is in pieces when Batista rolls off Cena. Cena is busted open over his forehead. The referee asks Cena and Cena still says no. WWE staff run down to the ringside area and start to clean up Cena’s cut. Batista tells the doctor attending to Cena to leave and that he will need him later when he is done.

Batista then grabs Cena and tosses him over the padded ring barricade into the crowd. The brawl up the steps into the crowd some more and Batista demands the referee ask Cena if he quits. Cena says no. Batista tries to give Cena a Batista Bomb on the concrete. Cena counters out and then punches Batista off the railing. Batista falls into some WWE staff below. The referee asks Batista and he screams no. Cena walks down and he brawls with Batista back down through the crowd to the entrance ramp area of the stage. Cena gets in a few right hands to the body. Batista finds a chair and starts hitting Cena with it over the back. Cena crawls up to the stage and Batista keeps hitting him over the back with the chair. The referee asks Cena if he wants to quit. Cena says no. Batista continues the shots with the steel chair. Batista then gets in a car that is part of the stage. Batista starts it up, reverses the car towards Cena and hits part of the stage. Some sparks fly as Batista hits the wall of lights. Cena then appears, pulls Batista out of the car and throws him into it.

Cena drops Batista’s face off the hood of the car a few times and then gives him an Attitude Adjustment over the hood of the car as well. The referee asks Batista and he says no. Cena grabs the mic and adds, “I was really hoping you would say that. Cena grabs Batista, drags him to the top of the car, puts him on his shoulders and looks to hit an Attitude Adjustment on the stage when Batista starts yelling that he quits.

Winner & still WWE Champion: John Cena

After the bell rings, John Cena keeps Batista on his shoulders. Cena then hits the Attitude Adjustment sending Batista crashing through the steel stage making a huge hole. The referee hands Cena the WWE Championship and he heads back down to the ring celebrating. Cena then heads back up the ramp and celebrates one more time when Sheamus appears. Sheamus kicks Cena right in the head.

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