A string of injuries took place at last night’s WWE Over The Limit PPV in Detroit.

Randy Orton’s injury is now being officially described as a dislocated shoulder. As reported on earlier, it appears Orton may have injured himself late in his match on Saturday in Cincinnati and aggravated it more last night when he started punching and slapping the mat.

Batista suffered both a back and tailbone injury in what is believed to be the result of the last two bumps he took on the top of the car and the bump through the stage.

Ted DiBiase suffered a concussion after taking a hard slap early in the match from R-Truth. DiBiase clearly looked out of it afterwards and some of the match was changed. It isn’t believed DiBiase will be allowed to wrestle this week given that policy has changed within the company over concussions.

CM Punk needed 13 staples in his forehead.

Source: The Wrestling Observer