WWE-themed Christmas tree for pediatric cancer patients

WWE is featuring a story on their website featuring Heidi Smith Blair of Phoenix, Arizona who shared on Facebook that she visited a clinic with her daughter, Elizabeth, eight years ago for chemotherapy.  

Heidi said she noticed a lack of holiday flair – most notably, a Christmas tree, and thus decided to put one up, adorned with her own homemade decorations.

Heidi has continued the tradition each year with her daugher Elizabeth, who is now cancer free.  This year, both mother and daughter chose WWE as the theme for this year’s tree decorations. 

Heidi noted on her Facebook post that she remembered “8 years ago walking into a dreary clinic with Elizabeth to receive her chemotherapy and thinking why does this hospital have beautiful trees everywhere except this clinic?”  She then went on to say that “it was a sad place already but it made me sadder knowing that these kids didn’t get a pretty tree to enjoy.”