– From Mike Informer: America’s Got Talent: Conference Call with Jerry Springer and The Real World’s Mike “The Miz” Mizzanin

– There is speculation that Bret Hart is being paid $500,000 to work his angle with Vince McMahon plus a Wrestlemania bonus.

– The Miami Herald interviewed Julie Hart [former wife of Bret] about a book she wrote. She told the Herald: “My
book is going to be dark. It will obviously surprise a lot of people and family, of course, because those are the first people who are not going to like what you say or don’t remember it that way.” She said she has been working on the book for six years based on journals she kept since
the 80s. Originally her book was a joint project with her sister Michelle [who was once married to Tom Billington, The Dynamite Kid] but her sister backed out. “Biographies are really hard to write. You’re really bearing your soul to people, especially your family. They’re either going to agree or disagree with what you’ve written. They’ll like
it. They’ll deny it. It’s a tough decision what you’re going to say in a book. You want to be remembered for good things because once the story is out, it’s out. That’s it. There’s no turning back.” Hart said the book is complete and she is looking for a publisher. (credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)

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