Here are some more interesting notes I just thought from Monday Night Raw:

– WWE were showing commercials all night one was interesting as it featured many top guys from TNA. After we have heard of WWE banning TNA stars from appearing on anything the WWE does, tonight that wasn’t the case at all.

They aired a 2-3 minute Wrestlemania video package that featured Ric Flair several times (his retirement), RVD, Jeff Hardy several times getting speared by Edge and doing a huge Swanton bomb off of a ladder, the video also featured Hulk Hogan numerous of times through out the entire video (vs. Andre The Giant and Ultimate Warrior). Others featured where The Rock, Austin, Ultimate Warrior, Ricky Steamboat; among others.

– Also, they advertised the newest Undertaker DVD which will be released tomorrow, it features 21 of his top matches through out his amazing career. Check out to order.

– WWE will not change the name of their Survivor Series PPV, as they advertised the huge PPV to come to Miami, Fl this year. So speculation of a name change to that PPV can be ended, at least for this year.

Al M.