Taping results from Tampa, FL


– JTG beat Dos Caras


– Michael Cole and Josh Mathews were introduced to a round of boos.

– They showed clips of last night’s NXT invasion on Raw, followed by Matt Striker introduced the new NXT pros.

– The Miz received massive heat.

– The pros introduced each of their respective rookies.

– This season is 12 weeks, with the first elimination coming in three weeks.

(1) John Morrison & Eli Cottonwood defeated Zack Ryder & Titus O’Neal.

– They aired a video package for Alex Riley.

(2) MVP & Percy Watson beat Husky Harris & Cody Rhodes.

– They showed a video package for Joe Hennig.

– Matt Striker showed the NXT invasion angle again and asked the new rookies their thoughts. Kaval thought it was cowardly. The pros beat down the rookies, I guess to keep them in line.