From Ryan Brosnahan:

Someone posted this fan report on a board I frequent about Wednesday night’s FCW Taping.

The main event was announced as Miz and Bryan vs Christian and Slater. Miz’s music played but no one came out. Christian’s music from like 2 years ago played, christian came out alone and made fun of the music collection. Christian talked about what happened on raw, a very loud Cena Sucks chant starts. Christian called out Slater and told him to explain it to his face. Slater said how he started off 4 and 0 and everything was great, but he wouldnt give him the answers he wanted anymore and they finished 4th.

Bryan runs in and attacks Christian from behind. Miz runs in afterward and together they fight off the rookies. Miz says lets do pros vs rookies. Christian says you want to make a statement? Statements have consequences, so come in so we can beat the consequences into you. Miz says lets do it because they are the WWE pros, and they are AWESOME. Miz pulls off his shirt and the girls started cheering, Christian grabs miz’s shirt, puts it on and takes it off and was disappointed when no girls cheered for him.

Christian and Slater start off. Eventually Miz gets in and is going full babyface. Eventually Bryan gets in who is going full danielson heel. Yelling best in the world, telling the ref he has till 5, and yelling at Miz “YOURE SUPPOSED TO BE THE PRO!” Lots of smarks cheering for Dragon. Eventually miz and christian have the rookies ready for the finishers at the same time, and oh shit ALL of the season one rookies show up! They get in the ring and beat the s**t out of Miz and Christian and start tearing apart the ring again! Bryan kicks Miz’s head in and Slater hits the killswitch on christian. The rookies leave the pros in a heap.