6/11 WWE Results: Charleston, West Virginia

Brandon Tomblin sent this report in:

Arena is about 3/4. Only about 30 people in the upper deck cheap seats. Attendance looked to be around 5,000-6,000. Savannah is the ring announcer for the night. She welcomes us to the show and has us all stand for the National Anthem. I noticed some people wouldn’t stand. Pricks.

1. R-Truth beats The Miz to retain the United States Championship.

R-Truth was really over and Miz got a lot of heat. Great back and forth action. R-Truth wins via his spinning corkscrew elbow off the ropes.

2. The Great Khali beats William Regal.

Khali was more over than I thought he’d be. Funny match with Regal doing a lot of cowering. Khali wins via overhand chop.

3. Dos Caras beats Goldust.

This was my first look at Dos Caras. He cut a promo in Spanish and got boos from the crowd. He then said that he was only gonna speak Spanish and couldn’t help if us Americans couldn’t understand. Then he spoke more Spanish and got booed some more. West Virginians can be so intolerant. Anyway, Caras beats Goldust via a running toe kick to Goldust’s temple while he’s in the corner.

4. Yoshi Tatsu beats Zack Ryder.

Crowd was really dead for this match, although Yoshi got a decent pop when he came out. Yoshi wins via a spinning heel kick off the top rope.

5. Mark Henry beats Ted Dibiase.

Dibiase comes out sans Virgil and cuts a promo saying that he gave Virgil the weekend off and that it was a mistake because he’s had to do stuff us normal people have to do every day. He decides to pick a substitute Virgil out of the crowd. Mark Henry came out before someone got picked. Dibiase went to shake his hand, but Mark just slapped it away. Mark Henry wins via catching Dibiase out of a flying crossbody attempt and hitting him with the World’s Strongest Slam.

Savannah them shills the E’s merchandise, says that there are some “exclusive for one night only” autographed Cena 8 x 10’s for sale, and tells us its time for intermission.

After intermission, Maryse comes out to the ring. We were supposed to get her versus Eve Torres for the Divas title, but Eve couldn’t make it due to a “flu bug”. So instead, she decides that she’s going to dance for us since “Charleston doesn’t have any gorgeous women”. I beg to differ, but I digest. Anyway, when she goes to dance, Santino comes out to a HUGE pop and complains about his loss to Kozlov during the dance contest on this past Raw. Kozlov them comes out and they have a rematch, with Maryse partaking as well. Maryse does a little grinding (definitely PG) on Santino. He starts to get with it until she mule kicks him to get a few laughs out of us. Santino and Kozlov do their same routines they did back on Raw, and it still ruled. The fans voted Santino the winner. He goes to high five Kozlov, but just gets a choke bomb for his trouble.

6. Edge beats Evan Bourne.

Edge got possibly the 2nd biggest pop of the night, which is funny since he’s supposed to be a heel. Probably match of the night with a lot of back and forth stuff. Evan goes up top for his Shooting Star Press, but Edge moves while he’s in mid-air. Evan lands on his feet just in time to eat a spear from Edge for the 3.

Savannah then plugs the Fatal 4 Way PPV and then takes us into the MMMMMAIN EVENT!!!!

7. John Cena beats Sheamus to retain the WWE Championship.

Each guy gets all their spots in. Sheamus does his cobra clutch/knee backbreaker combo and his big boot, while Cena gets to slap on the STFU only for Sheamus to reach the ropes. In the end, Cena falls out of Sheamus’ Razor’s Edge move and hits him with the F-U for the 3. I refuse to call it by its “other” name, so sue me.

So there you have it, a pretty great show and I look forward to WWE’s next visit to Charleston.