John Silva sent this in:

First, for those wrestling fans who are wondering what’s up with the August 1976 MSG show, there was a mistake on the calendar and the show will air NEXT week.

I finally phoned up their Classics on Demand service after Cablevision(second worse company compared to Time Warner), kept telling me that they had nothing to do with the programming, when I and even the person I called up on COD knew differently. They were VERY cordial and answered my concern in a timely fashion.

So, for those of you who are sick and tired of missing programming and want to get a STRAIGHT answer(especially us Cablevision customers), here’s what I was told to do.

Call up this number: 203-352-8600 and at the main prompt, ask for “Classics on Demand”. You will be directed to that department where they will put someone on to help.

Now, you can go straight to the source instead of having to go through your cable company.

Also, don’t forget that you can check what’s currently on and what’s on next, by going to This is the COD channel grid. Keep in mind though that it only covers the current month. For next month’s programming, check it at the first week of the month.

I hope this helps with all subscribers.