Credit: Jordan Owens and GERWECK.NET

FCW: Fathers Day Salute
Fort Myers, Florida
Yoshi Tatsu beat Tyler Reks (8:26)
Wes Brisco & Lucky Cannon beat Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer (8:46)
Donny Marlow beat Rudy Parker (5:33)
Divas Title: Naomi Night beat Liviana (8:36)
Handicap: Eli Cottonwood beat Leo Kruger & Derrick Bateman (7:23)
Tag Titles: Hunico & Dos Equis beat Jules Uso & Jimmy Uso (8:27)
Heavyweight Title: Alex Riley beat Husky Harris (10:43)
Ricky Steamboat & Richie Steamboat beat Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft (21:010

Notes: A very fun show. A meet & greet took place before the event with Ricky Steamboat, Mike “IRS” Rotundo, Haku, Jerry Brisco, Jimmy Snuka and their respective sons and daughter. As well as Kelly Kelly. All were super nice, even Tamina [Snuka’s daughter] & Donny Marlow [Haku’s son] who later on were heels.
Jerry Brisco came out with his son & Cannon for the tag match. Even took out Hawkins with a right hand after the match.
Byron Saxton introduced Rudy Parker and didn’t go heel on the crowd for the first time in a while. G Rilla accompanied Marlow. Rilla is now billed as Brodus Clay.
Abraham Washington introduced the divas. Actually played face as he poked fun of the heel Liviana. Including making fun of her breasts. I guess FCW isn’t PG?
It looks like Liviana got legit hurt. Or atleast knocked loopy as the match came to a kind of abrupt ending and her being helped out by the ref who threw up the X.
The handicap match started as just Eli vs Kruger but Bateman started to interfere so instead of having the ref eject him, Eli said lets make it a handicap match. Luckily, Bateman had his tights on under his jeans.
Dos Equis is Tito Colon under a mask. Not sure why that was needed? Him and Hunico have been teaming for a couple months but having him under a mask just started a couple weeks ago.
Baretta did the classic fake out, claiming a leg injury before finally attacking Steamboat. This took minutes as all the trainers like Norman Smiley & Tom Pritchard checked on him. Hence the longer running time on the main event as this happened around the 7 minute mark and last till about the 10 mark. Steamboat still looked quite good in the ring and actually worked the majority of the match as Richie still has his knee taped up. Most of the wrestlers looked on from the back.

The entrance way has 6 big posters of the new NXT guys. McGillicutty and Titus O Neill are the two left out.
Justin Gabriel was in attendance. As well as the FCW roster working security, doing tickets etc like they usually do.