Fatal Four Way PPV coverage: U.S. title match

– We see a promo for the Money in the Back PPV which takes place on 7/18.

– Backstage, Josh Mathews interviews John Cena. Cena is about the possible interference of the NXT rookies. He said they are ready for them if they do show up. Mathews brings up that we have seen two fatal four way matches, and two title changes. Cena said he is going out to win, and not lose. Cena said whomever walks out WWE champion tonight, earns it.

– We see highlights from Raw where The Miz wins the United States title in a fatal four way match.

– The Miz comes to the ring and cuts a promo on R-Truth. The Miz plays R-Truth music and uses his own words, instead of “Whats Up,” He uses “The Miz.” Pretty funny.

(5) U.S. title match: The Miz vs. R-Truth

As the match starts, fans chanted “this is awesome.”

Miz is working over R-Truth’s right arm, and Killings is selling sore ribs. Fans chanted “this is boring” now.

The Miz pinned R-Truth at 13:22 to retain the United States championship.