6/27 WWE Results: Wheeling, West Virginia

Credit: Gary Graham and GERWECK.NET

1.Evan Bourne beat Zack Ryder. Bourne got a good pop and nobody cared about Zack. Bourne won w/ the SSP.Decent.

2.Goldust beat William Regal.Great old school style match.Regal did great matwork working over Goldust’s left arm. But all for note as Goldust won when he caught a charging Regal with a snap powerslam.

3.Vladimir Kozlov beat Yoshi Tatsu.Worst match of the show.Total bore.Kozlov won with his front chokeslam.

4.John Morrison beat Ted DiBiase,Jr.(w/Maryse). Really good match. Lots of near falls. Ted got lots of heat and Maryse was great at running interference for Ted.Morrison won w/ the Starship Pain(which as always barely hit).

5.The Cutting Edge was next where Edge was bragging about hurting Orton and was running Randy down when Orton came out to a huge pop and they had a slight 2 minute brawl where they both ended up brawling to the back and then a Raw GM “text message’ came in and it stated that both Orton and Edge are barred from the building for the fight.What?

6.The Miz beat Mark Henry in a US title match with a DDT from a reversal of the World’s Strongest Slam try.It was to be a 3 Way w/R-Truth but Miz attacked him in the isle on his way to the ring and it ended up into this match.Not bad.

7.Alicia Fox won over Eve Torres in a Diva’s Title match(w/Santino as special ref).Typical Diva’s match. Santino was funny though.Fox won w/ the axe kick.

8.Sheamus v John Cena in a cage match was a no contest when the NXT guys(w/out Barrett).Really good match but Cena’s spot calling was so noticeable Stevie Wonder could’ve seen it. Sheamus escaped the NXT guys wrath but Cena didn’t. Tatsu and then Bourne tied to help but to no avail and then Henry led a Calvary of the WWE guys out and they got in the cage and they had a nice brawl and then after it’s all over Cena comes back out and goes around ringside and shakes hands w/ all the fans.

It was a really good show. Biggest pop went to Cena w/Orton a close second. Biggest heat went to Sheamus followed by Miz.