Martha Hart’s publicist released a statement to the Hartford Courant in response to a news program in Connecticut last week during which Linda McMahon expressed sympathy to Martha over the loss of her husband 11 years ago.

“I find Linda McMahon’s comments duplicitous and insulting. It is important to set the record straight: Linda McMahon was in charge for the majority of the unfair and deceptive practices that are at the heart of this lawsuit. Furthermore, Linda McMahon’s expressed desire to take care of me and my family was demonstrated in a rather odd manner, because she and Vince McMahon directed the WWE to sue me because I had the nerve to pursue a wrongful death claim following Owen’s death, which was the result of the reckless stunt orchestrated by the McMahons and the World Wrestling Federation. Linda McMahon aspires to be a compassionate leader. So let’s see Linda demonstrate some compassionate leadership and encourage her husband and WWE to do the right thing.”

(credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)