Video: Stone Cold Steve Austin comments on performing in front of no audience on Raw

WWE is featuring an interview (above) with Stone Cold Steve Austin after celebrating 3:16 Day on Monday Night Raw.

Austin mentioned it was very cool to be at the WWE Performance Center, but it was a strange experience to perform for no crowd.

“It was really cool to be here today, and it was very strange to be in front of an arena with no people. For so long you’re trained to work for a response and when you get that response you proceed accordingly. So to be here in front of an empty crowd was very interesting, very strange feeling. I’ve worked in front of small crowds back when I first started. We’re used to a whole lot of people being here. It’s a little bit different. I was proud to be here. I know we’re in a tough time, but to go out there and have fun with everybody and announce 3:16 Day, it was an absolute blast.”

Austin acknowledged the world is in a tough time with the COVID-19 pandemic and tells everyone to hang in there.

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