SPOILERS: WWE Smackdown for Friday

Credit: Neil Trama, wrestlingobserver.com

A video recaps the Kane beatdown on the Straight Edge Society last week.

Jack Swagger comes out to open the show. He gloats about destroying Big Show last week, showing a video of the incident. He then complains a bit about the manner in which he lost the World Championship, including saying his “daddy is so upset that he can’t talk.” This brings out Big Show, who is so mad that he does goofy comedy. He eventually promises revenge in the form of immediately breaking Swagger’s ankle. Before he can get to the ring he is jumped by DASHING CODY RHODES! It’s 2-on-1 for about 10 seconds before Rey saves.

Kofi Kingston def. Dolph Ziggler. Vickie walked out on Dolph after the match. This may have been a non-title match, but they treated it as Ziggler blowing his shot.

The Peep Show with Christian and Matt Hardy. A bunch of ladders were set up in and around the ring. There is a quick mention of the Drew McIntyre deportation thing or whatever it is. Then they discuss Money in the Bank. Both are adamant that they will win. They played it as a friendly rivalry, bringing up their history in ladder matches and the fact that neither has ever been given a chance at the world title or being “the chosen one.” Matt talks about overcoming suspensions, firings, etc. They end up climbing to the top of one of the ladders. The interview ends with both saying they will win, simultaneously. Afterwards, Christian goes to leave the ring, but comes back in and gets punched in the face by Matt and thrown into one of the ladders.

The S.E.S. is backstage. Serena suggests they “just admit it” but Punk insists that he knows what’s right and that Luke Gallows will take care of Kane tonight.

Alberto del Rio thinks we’re liars, via vignette.

Kane def. Luke Gallows via DQ when the Masked Man interferes. Kane chokeslams both of them and then goes for Punk, who was at ringside with his arm in a sling. Serena runs out and begs Kane to stop. Against Punk’s wishes she shows proof that they were nowhere near Undertaker on the night he was attacked because Punk was “saving her.” She shows security camera footage of a bar where she is drinking with a random dude all night until Punk and the other S.E.S. members (including Masked Guy IN HIS MASK) come in and chase the dude off, throw the drinks away, and lead Serena off. Kane relents and walks off. Punk is furious with Serena for showing the video and the S.E.S. leave her in the ring crying.

MVP def. Chavo Guerrero with the Playmaker. Chavo walked to the ring before the match promising to show his Aunt Vickie that he was more capable of taking the Intercontinental Title than Ziggler. He is immediately squashed by MVP.

Alberto del Rio has more things to say, via vignette.

Rey Mysterio comes to the ring with the world title. He says it was his dream to win it and now he is no longer chasing his dream but rather fighting to hold onto it as long as possible.

Rey Mysterio & Big Show def. Jack Swagger & Cody Rhodes via DQ when Swagger refuses to break the ankle lock on Mysterio. This was short enough to not suck but therefore not long enough to mean anything. In other words it was every TV main event tag match you’ve ever seen. Show hurt the ankle doing the worst looking German suplex in history on Swagger. Cody beat on the ankle outside when Swagger got the ankle lock on Rey in the ring. He refused to break at 5 so the ref called for the bell. Cody continued to beat on Show for a bit while Swagger held the lock on Rey. Then Cody just kind of stopped but it took Show forever to get back in the ring and when he did, Swagger pulled Rey outside, while still doing the ankle lock. The result was Rey being in the ankle lock longer than any man in history. Show finally makes the save and the show ended.

Between the tapings and NXT, Miz cut a great promo on the crowd and ended up having a US Title match with Morrison. Miz won with the Skull Crushing Finale. This was by far the best thing on the show.

NXT was what it was. Both matches went longer than anything on Smackdown except for the main event. That or they just seemed longer because nobody knew who anybody was nor did they care. This is except for Husky Harris, who had a rather vocal three man cheering section. There were some “Daniel Bryan” chants, but nothing like Fatal Fourway weekend in New York. At one point there were dueling Husky Harris/Daniel Bryan chants. This was funny for the five seconds that it lasted.

The videos they played during the commercial breaks included a Wrestlemania 26 video, Wrestlemania history video, Ricky Steamboat DVD commercial, a video game spot, and THREE different Tribute to the Troops videos. The two that got the biggest reaction? Videos for Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels. That should tell you everything you need to know about the current state of WWE.

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