– The pre-sale code for the 2010 WWE Summerslam weekend AXXESS events is SSAXXESS. Tickets are already on sale through Ticketmaster.com.

– From Gary Graham: I got the new WWE magazine in the mail today and Triple H is the cover with the headline “Triple H Lays Siege To WWE! The King Returns.” So I guess his return is very near.

– A few Raw notes from last night. During one of the commercial breaks in the second hour, Edge cut a promo on Randy Orton and Evan Bourne. Also note televised, Alicia Fox snubbed the fans and walked out without a limp.

– SmarTrend listed WWE among the top five companies in the movies and entertainment industry as ranked by operating margin. A healthy operating margin is required for a company to pay its fixed costs and generate cash. The other four company’s were Time Warner, Imax, Cinemark and EDCI Holdings. (credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)