SPOILERS: WWE Smackdown for Friday

Credit: Danish Salim and GERWECK.NET

– Drew McIntyre resolved his visa. He says sorry to Mr. Long but Teddy doesn’t believe him. Drew then nominates him for the 2011 Hall of Fame. Teddy says if Drew wants to be in the Money In The Bank ladder match he has to get on his knees and call him handsome and say it’s an honor to work for him. Drew does it but he’s still not in the ladder match. Teddy says if he defeats Kofi Kingston tonight he’s in.

– MVP vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Dolph Ziggler. Winner gets in the MITB. Ziggler wins after the sleeper on MVP.

– Rey Mysterio is shown backstage in a cast. Jack Swagger breaks into the room and applies the ankle lock on Mysterio and takes him out to the arena. Big Show saves him.

– Vance Archer and Hawk Hawkins vs. Matt Hardy and Christian. Hawkins gets the pin after Christian turns his back on Hardy.

– Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston. McIntyre wins, a great match.

– SES comes out. Luke Gallows says Serena should be kicked out of the group. Serena repeatedly says sorry. Punk says its Punk’s decision to kick her out or not. Luke leaves the ring. Punk forgives Serena. They hug. There were boring chants throughout the crowd.

– Cody Rhodes vs. JTG. Rhodes has new entrance music. Rhodes wins wht the Cross Rhodes.

– Interview with Kelly Kelly. It’s announced that Kelly Kelly will face Layla for the title at MITB. Layla comes and sprays Kelly with perfume. Kelly attacks her and then Michelle McCool attacks her from behind.

– It was announced that Nexus would be returning home to NXT next week.

– Big Show vs. Jack Swagger. Match ends in a count out. Swagger attacks Big Show’s leg and goes backstage and is met by Kane. Kane takes him into a room. Kane says Swagger has a week to prove he didn’t take out The Undertaker.

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