Kyle O’Reilly reportedly misses television tapings due to being at high risk for COVID-19

Kyle O'Reilly misses tapings

NXT Superstar Kyle O’Reilly of the Undisputed ERA has missed television tapings due to being at higher risk from complications of COVID-19. O’Reilly is a diabetic.

According to American Diabetes Association, while people with diabetes are not at a higher risk of contracting the virus, if contracted they are at a higher risk for serious complications.

“The problem people with diabetes face is primarily a problem of worse outcomes, not greater chance of contracting the virus. In China, where most cases have occurred so far, people with diabetes had much higher rates of serious complications and death than people without diabetes—and generally we believe that the more health conditions someone has (for example, diabetes and heart disease), the higher their chance of getting serious complications from COVID-19.”

O’Reilly hasn’t performed since the March 11 edition of WWE NXT, the last show with an audience in attendance. It is not known if he will return to television before the pandemic is over.

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