WWE taping footage for Money in the Bank at Stamford headquarters; AJ Styles on The O.C.

Money in the Bank taping

According to a report by PWInsider, WWE was taping content on the roof of their headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. The footage will be used for the WWE Money in the Bank event.

WWE Money in the Bank will air on Sunday, May 10. WWE recently confirmed that they are changing their television taping schedule to every other week for performer safety.

AJ Styles comments on Gallows and Anderson departing WWE

AJ Styles commented on his Mixer channel about the WWE releasing Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson of The O.C. Styles mentioned that he feels responsible in a way.

The following transcript is courtesy of Fightful:

“[Gallows & Anderson] hurt really bad. The only way I can explain it is these guys are like family and I couldn’t take care of my own brothers, that’s the way I feel about it. I’m the oldest, I’m supposed to take care of them and I didn’t manage to do that. I feel responsible, in some weird way, for them being released. It’s devastating. There’s a lot of other great wrestlers (who got released). This stuff is expected with everything going on. I’m as shocked as you are with some of the guys that got released. I have my own opinions with things that could have been done differently. I’m not the CEO of the company, I don’t make those decisions. Who do you blame with all this? Every company is doing this. When big companies stop making money, it’s not the highest up person who takes a pay cut, everyone else does. All I know is I lost a lot of great friends.”