SPOILERS: WWE Smackdown for Friday

Results courtesy of GERWECK.NET

– Smackdown Recap video: Jack Swagger/Mysterio/Big Show ankle lock events, then Kane interrogates Swagger about Undertaker.

– Kofi Kingston vs Cody Rhodes ends in a no contest(?) when Kane comes to the ring and destroys them both. Kane says that there will be a bludgeoning tonight! He knows Jack Swagger, and that Swagger is a LIAR!

– Backstage: Mysterio gets his ankle wrapped, then Josh Matthews interviews Mysterio about his injury and ability to compete on Sunday at Money in the Bank.

– Backstage: Swagger is on the phone with someone who is on their way to the arena, who will help him handle his situation with Kane tonight.

– Drew McIntyre defeated Christian with a double underhook DDT.

– An Alberto Del Rio video airs. While he stands in his dining room with a beautiful ocean view behind him, he talks about his intelligence. Knowledge is power. He is the product of a superior education.

– CM Punk stands in the ring and talks. Big Show interrupts and comes out with two ladders: A 12′ and a 4′ ladder. CM Punk is angry about being interrupted and after some conversation, Punk allows Big Show the opportunity to entertain the crowd, while Punk and the rest of the Straight Edge Society looks on from ringside.

Big Show demonstrates that a normal ladder won’t work as he steps on the first rung and it snaps in two. He then reasons that he’s really tall anyway, so he could get by with the smaller ladder. He sets it up, shrugs, and says “Nevermind.”

Big Show then motions for the stage hands to bring out HIS LADDER! They come out with a huge, quadruple-reinforced ladder that looks like it can hold a circus elephant. Big Show says that no matter how many times he eats at Subway, he doubts he’ll ever exceed this ladder’s 2,000 lb weight limit.

Punk says he’d like to see Big Show do a 450 off the top of the ladder—his 450 lbs tumbling through the middle of the ring, through the arena floor, and into the center of the earth!

SES jumps Big Show from behind and Luke Gallows knocks him down with the four foot ladder. Punk mockingly climbs the HUGE ladder and looks at the Money in the Bank briefcase. The SES praises him until Big Show gets up and throws Gallows out of the ring.

(The Mystery Masked SES member) climbs the ladder with Punk to escape Big Show, and Punk pushes him off onto Big Show, who catches him and throws him onto Gallows on the arena floor!

Big Show then circles the ladder with punk on top of it. Punk has nowhere to go as Big Show climbs the ladder and puts Punk into the Cobra Clutch. Big Show then rips off CM Punk’s Mask, exposing his bald, shaven head!

– Chris Masters and Kelly Kelly defeated Trent Baretta and WWE Women’s Champion Layla in a mixed tag match.

– Dolph Ziggler defeated Matt Hardy with help from Vickie Guerrero.

– Backstage: limo arrives. ??? hands swagger an envelope and after passing it off to a production assistant to rush to the production truck, they head to the ring.

In ring: Swagger introduces his father. They show the pictures of Swagger and his father working out, then holding a prize winning fish, then a chicken wing contest… KANE!!!

Kane doesn’t believe him! Swagger tries to show more evidence, but Kane grabs Swagger for the chokeslam!

Swagger hits Kane with the microphone, then applies the ankle lock. Mysterio runs out and 619’s Swagger to break the hold. Kane grabs BOTH Swagger and his dad for a chokeslam. Swagger slips out and Kane chokeslams Daddy Swagger while Jack watches on from ringside. Kane then tombstone piledrivered Swagger’s Dad.

Off the Air- Advertised Main Event: Rey Mysterio vs Jack Swagger in the Steel Cage for the World Heavyweight Championship… Mysterio Retains.

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