Becky Lynch announces she is pregnant and has vacated the title, new champion crowned

Becky Lynch pregnant

Moments ago, Becky Lynch made her major announcement at the start of Monday Night Raw. Lynch announced that she is pregnant and vacating the Raw Women’s Championship she has held since WrestleMania 35.

Lynch stated that she asked the decision makers to change the stipulations to the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match. The winner wasn’t competing for a championship opportunity: they were competing for the Raw Women’s Championship.

You can read what happened below courtesy of the WWE Raw recap:

Asuka’s music hits, and she wildly comes down to the ring shouting. She’s mad Lynch has the briefcase. Lynch says Asuka beat her when no one else could. Asuka is the best wrestler around. Lynch is happy this is happening to Asuka. The match last night wasn’t for an opportunity to win the title. It was for much more. Asuka wasn’t able to unlock the briefcase… Lynch unlocks the briefcase and inside is the Raw Women’s Championship. Lynch says she can’t fight anymore so Asuka is the champion. Asuka happily celebrates in the ring and grabs the title before running off hooting and hollering. Asuka dances around.

Lynch looks genuinely happy. Lynch says as happy as Asuka is, Lynch is a little happier. Lynch says, “You go and be a warrior because I’m going to go and be a mother!” Asuka looks so happy, hugs Lynch, and chants her name. Lynch is crying and hugs Asuka. Lynch tearfully walks away from the ring and looks around before walking to the back. Lynch looks into the camera and says, “I’ll miss you guys.”