Smackdown “Money in the Bank” Ladder Match
WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Christian vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Matt Hardy vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Kane vs. Big Show

The bell rings and all eight competitors begin brawling and then break off to focus on Kane and Big Show. Kane and Big Show fight off the attacks. Both slap Cody Rhodes off a ladder he was trying to climb up. Big Show catches Kane with a big shoulder block. Big Show tries climbing up a ladder and he breaks one of the foot steps. Big Show with a series of chops and headbutts to Ziggler and Hardy. Big Show then launches the ladder at Kane on the outside. Big Show leaves the ring as Ziggler and Rhodes double team him with a series of kicks. McIntyre sets a ladder up against the ropes and catapults Christian face first into it. McIntyre sets up the ladder in the ring and Hardy cracks a smaller ladder across his back. Hardy begins climbing and Christian pulls him off. Hardy then pulls him off and drops some right hands. They brawl to the outside and Rhodes sneaks in. Kofi Kingston attacks him and pulls him off the ladder. Kingston starts climbing and Ziggler breaks that up. Ziggler climbs, gets his hand on the briefcase and Christian climbs up to cut him off. Both reach up and Christian gives Ziggler a hip toss off the top. Hardy tips the ladder over and Christian lands on his feet. Hardy with a Side Effect on Kingston and Christian with a neckbreaker on Rhodes.

Kane grabs both Hardy and Christian. They reverse and give Kane a double DDT. Hardy and Christian sandwich Kane with two ladders. Christian counters a Twist of Fate attempt and launches Hardy chest first on top of a ladder. Christian jumps on Hardy’s back and pulls up using the top rope. Rhodes pushes a ladder over that Christian gets on. Kingston and Hardy exchange shots on Kane. Rhodes with a back suplex on Kingston off a smaller ladder. Rhodes and Hardy climb up a bigger ladder and exchange shots at the top. McIntyre tips the ladder over and launches Hardy shoulder first into the steel post. McIntyre does the same to Rhodes. McIntyre takes out Ziggler next. Kane then pulls McIntyre outside the ring to stop his offense. Kane starts clearing away the WWE announce table and then does the same to the spanish announce table. Kane hits McIntyre with a big boot and drops Christian with a big right. Kingston catches Kane with a ladder to the face with a baseball slide from the ring. Kingston with elbows to McIntyre. Kingston catches McIntyre with Trouble in Paradise. Kingston grabs a nearby ladder and pulls it close to the spanish announce table that McIntyre is laying on. Kingston is up top, jumps and hits the boom drop over McIntyre crashing through the spanish announce table.

In the ring, Ziggler is climbing up a ladder, gets his hands on a briefcase, Big Show is in, kicks the ladder away, catches Ziggler in mid-air and gives him a huge chokeslam. Kane is in and Big Show hits some body shots. Big Show uses a ladder as a shield and rams it into Kane followed by a body splash into Kane again using the ladder. Christian and Hardy try to clothesline Big Show to the outside using a ladder, but Big Show grabs the ladder and pushes it back at Hardy and Christian. Big Show then hits a big splash over the ladder crushing Hardy and Christian in the process. Big Show then goes under the ring and pulls out a special reinforced ladder that weighs over 300 pounds. Big Show tries to dead lift it inside the ring and eventually brings it in through the top and middle rope. Big Show sets it up and Rhodes drives a ladder into the ankle of Big Show. Rhodes climbs and Ziggler gets him on his shoulders. Ziggler drops Rhodes with an electric chair drop (Rhodes comes close to hitting his head on another ladder on the way down). Ziggler starts climbing and Big Show chest slaps him away. Big Show with body shots to Hardy who walks up. Kingston springboards himself in the ring and he lands on the other side of the reinforced ladder. Kingston is able to catch Big Show with a DDT when he walks to the otherside.

Kingston is climbing back up and Rhodes catches him with a dropkick off the top turnbuckle to knock Kingston off. Rhodes gives Kingston the Cross Rhodes over a ladder. Ziggler knocks Rhodes off the ladder and then launches him back first into the reinforced ladder. Big Show with headbutts to Rhodes and Ziggler. Big Show is favoring his ankle as he starts climbing up the reinforced ladder. Kane is back in and he tips the reinforced ladder over sending Big Show over the top rope. Rhodes, Christian and Kingston toss a series of ladders on top of Big Show to keep him down. Kane is climbing up and Christian climbs up the same side. Hardy jumps in and is up top with Rhodes. Kane chokeslams Christian, Hardy and knocks Kingston away. Rhodes has his hand on the briefcase and Kane pulls him off. Kane is climbing up and Ziggler climbs over him. Kane pulls Ziggler down and Ziggler applies a sleeper. Kane drives Ziggler face first into the top of the ladder. Kane tosses Ziggler over the top rope onto the ladders that were covering Big Show. Kane goes to the outside and chokeslams Kingston over the ladders. Kane goes after Rhodes up the ramp and launches him face first into an armored truck. In the ring, Hardy is climbing up and Kane returns to pull him off. Christian is now climbing up with Kane.

Kane swats Christian away. Christian and Hardy both pull Kane off the ladder hitting a modified powerbomb. Christian and Hardy are both climbing up the ladder on opposite sides. Hardy has his hand on the briefcase. Christian now has it. Both have it and exchange shots. They both drive each other off the top of the ladder and back onto the ring mat. We see McIntyre rolling in the ring and he climbs up. Kane is back in and he chokeslams McIntyre off the top to the ring below. Kane reaches up and gets the briefcase.

Winner of the Smackdown “Money in the Bank” briefcase: Kane

After the match, Michael Cole mentions how the “Money in the Bank” briefcase has been cashed in six times and we have crowned six new champions in the process. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish.

Backstage, Josh Mathews is with WWE Champion Sheamus and asks why he came to the aide of John Cena despite Cena being his opponent tonight inside a Steel Cage. Sheamus said he thought he was untouchable until he saw all of the attacks the Nexus carried out over the last few weeks. He said when he looked into the eyes of the Nexus members it was like looking into the eyes of a great white shark. Sheamus said he had to choose a side and he did on Monday night. Mathews asks if he respects Cean now. Sheamus said the only reason he came to Cena’s aide was to prove tonight that he can beat him without any excuses.

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