WWE Divas Championship
Alicia Fox (c) vs. Eve Torres

Lock up and Fox with a takedown on Eve. Fox mounts Eve, but Eve keeps it locked up. Eve then tosses Fox away. Eve with a quick cover for a close two count. Another rollup by Eve and Fox again kicks out. Eve catches Fox with a dropkick and clothesline in the corner. Eve catches Fox with an elbow in the corner, attempts a tornado DDT, but Fox wraps up the leg of Eve and pulls her off the top turnbuckle. On the outside, Fox drops Eve face first off the ring apron. Fox pulls Eve back in the ring by her hair. Fox drives her elbow into the back of Eve after launching her into the ropes two times. Fox with a backbreaker on Eve. Eve fights back driving a knee into the head of Fox. Fox shrugs it off and drops Eve with another backbreaker over her knee. Fox then executes a big tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a close two count on Eve. Eve fights back with a cross body and series of dropkicks on Fox. Eve tries to give Fox a suplex, but stops and favors her back. Eve kicks Fox away and hits a standing moonsault. Eve kicks Fox using the bottom rope to jump up in the corner. Eve with a flip dive from the corner and Fox gets her knees up. Fox with an axe kick to Eve and gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL WWE Divas Champion: Alicia Fox

We see highlights from Smackdown on Friday with Kane attacking Jack Swagger’s father. Backstage, Swagger is yelling at his mom on the phone and said he doesn’t feel responsible for what happened. He promises to snap Rey Mysterio’s ankle tonight and win back his world title.

* The Hart Dynasty defending the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships against The Uso’s is up next.