Raw “Money in the Bank” Ladder Match
Randy Orton vs. WWE U.S. Champion The Miz vs. Mark Henry vs. Ted DiBiase w/ Maryse vs. John Morrison vs. Chris Jericho vs. Evan Bourne vs. Edge

We start things with Edge bailing and both Miz and Evan Bourne taking out Mark Henry in the corner. Edge returns to the ring when everyone is out. Randy Orton pulls him off a ladder that Edge set up. Orton kicks Edge out and mounts Edge hitting some right hands. Ted DiBiase tries to use a ladder, but Morrison ducks and kicks him in the back. DiBiase fires back giving Morrison a big clothesline over a ladder. DiBiase takes out Orton with a ladder, but Bourne dropkicks the ladder into DiBiase’s face. Miz then dumps Bourne over the ladder and tosses him out. Miz and Jericho start to go at it exchanging shots. Henry launches a ladder at both taking them out. On the outside, Jericho sends a ladder face first into Henry. In the ring, Bourne ducks under a ladder Jericho has and hits a big kick to the back of the head. Bourne climbs up a ladder, Edge is trying to pull him off, Bourne jumps off and hits a huricanrana on Edge. Orton is in and starts going after Bourne with right hands and kicks. Orton pulls Bourne through the openings of the ladder and drops him with a DDT. Morrison with a springboard kick to the head on Orton. DiBiase and Miz double team Morrison. Miz props a ladder in the corner. They toss Morrison towards it. Morrison puts on the breaks and launches both Miz and DiBiase into the ladder when they charge in.

Morrison is climbing a ladder and Edge is climbing up top on the other side. Edge and Morrison exchange shots and Jericho sneaks in climbing up another ladder reaching up. Orton is up on Jericho’s ladder getting in a few shots. The briefcase is swinging back and forth as all foru men reach. Henry is back in and pushes both ladders over standing in the middle of the two sending all four off the ladders. Bourne springboards himself using a ladder that fell into the ropes hitting Henry with a knee to the face. Maryse checks on DiBiase at ringside and then decides to get in the ring. Maryse takes off her heels and sets up a ladder under the briefcase. Maryse is reaching up when Morrison grabs her by the leg. Morrison puts her on his shoulders, sets her down and tells her to get out of the ring right now. Miz sneaks in and climbs up. Morrison reaches and Miz kicks him in the face. Miz tries to sandwich Morrison in the corner with a ladder, but Morrison moves. A ladder on the outside is leaning against the ring. Morrison climbs up that and uses a ladder that was against the corner to push himself to the middle ladder. Edge is up top and goes after Morrison with right hands. Edge gets Morrison trapped on the inside of the ladder dropping another ladder over his chest with help from Miz. Edge then hits Miz with the ladder.

Edge pushes the ladder over with Morrison still stuck in the middle. Morrison screams out in pain (and lets out a rather loud FU#K!). DiBiase is playing tug-of-war with Jericho over a ladder and brings it inside the ring. DiBiase hits Orton with the ladder when Orton got up on the ring apron. DiBiase also took out Edge in the ring sending him into another set of ladders. DiBiase sets his ladder up, climbs and Henry catches up with him. DiBiase jumps at Henry who catches him and connects with the world’s strongest slam. Henry kicks a ladder into the face of Jericho when he charges in. Miz charges and Henry catches him and drops him on top of the ladder over Jericho. Henry is climbing up the ladder when Bourne jumps on his back and climbs up top. Bourne has the briefcase in his hands when Orton and Edge pull him off, toss him at Henry on the outside, Henry catches him, hits a slam, Morrison with a kick to the face on Henry, Jericho with a Codebreaker on Henry and Edge finishes off Henry with a spear. We have everyone on the ladder now besides Henry and DiBiase. DiBiase slides a ladder in the middle of that big ladder. DiBiase uses the ladder bridge he made to go after everyone else. Orton and Edge drop DiBiase down to his chest and then launch him from the ring to the outside with his ladder. Orton with an RKO on Edge.

Morrison and Jericho are battling up top for the briefcase. Morrison catches Jericho with a big right hand and Jericho falls back, but his leg is stuck in the ladder. Orton with an RKO on Morrison. Bourne follows that up with a Shooting Star Press on Orton. Bourne is reaching up and gets his hands on the briefcase. Bourne can’t unhook it. Jericho breaks free and gets in a few shots to the gut. Jericho hits Bourne in the face with the briefcase. Edge is now up on the ladder and gets in some shots on Jericho. Edge drops Jericho’s head off the top of the ladder and Orton hits an RKO on Jericho. Edge is reaching up when Orton knocks him off sending Edge crashing into the other ladder. Orton is climbing. Orton has the briefcase in his hands. Miz pushes the ladder over and Orton is down. Miz climbs up and gets the briefcase.

Winner of the Raw “Money in the Bank” briefcase: The Miz

After the match, The Miz calls for a mic. “You are all living in my moment. Call it overrated or created, however you call it, me winning this Money in the Bank contract means I made it…I made it! I made believers out of all you cynics and skeptics, all you pretenders, all you critics. Get a good hard look at the man with the briefcase. I am Mr. Money in the Bank. I am a future WWE Champion. Me! Me! Because I’m The Miz. And I’m…awesome. Awesome!” We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish.

A promo for WWE SummerSlam on August 15 in Los Angeles is shown.

A video package runs highlighting the events between WWE Champion Sheamus and John Cena leading into tonight’s Steel Cage match for the WWE Championship.

* Sheamus defending the WWE Championship against John Cena in a Steel Cage match is up next to close the show.