Michael Riba is attending tonight’s NXT and Smackdown TV tapings in Little Rock, Arkansas:

– Entire upper deck is blocked off. Nowhere near a sellout. There’s a section with less than 40 people it looks like.

– WrestleMania package to open the show.

– Dark match is Alberto Del Rio vs. Kaval. Del Rio cuts a promo beforehand saying Americans are ignorant because they don’t learn Spanish. Alberto wins with an insane kick to Kaval’s head while Kaval was on the ropes. This was followed by a video package for the Troops.

– NXT Obstacle Course returns tonight. Winner gets immunity from elimination next week. NXT opens with MVP’s VIP Lounge with guest Percy Watson. MVP says Percy Watson last week reminded him of himself four years ago. Percy apologized, MVP accepted. Watson explained why he should win NXT. Rhodes and Harris interrupt and Rhodes says Harris should win NXT. Harris and Rhodes win after Harris hits MVP with his jumping back drop.

– Michael McGillicutty video package.

– Lucky Cannon vs. Alex Riley is the next match on NXT. Cannon and Riley say why they should with NXT. Riley wins.

– Raw rebound. Morrison and Cottonwood say why Eli should win. Laycool and Kaval did the same. As did Kofi and McGillicutty. McGillicutty wins the course and earns immunity next week. End of NXT.