DJ.BIGTYME BEATS sent this report in:

For this friday

The show opens with Kane. Kane talks about how he has felt the past 13 yrs and since last Sunday as he won MITB and made history by cashing in the contract and becoming World Heavyweight Champion. He said that it was the most gratifying moment of his life. He said to Rey Mysterio that he only did what only anybody else would have done in the same position. He the says, “I Did, I Did” over and over repeatedly. He talks about his brother lying in his bed not being able to celebrate with him. He says that he will not rest until he finds his brothers culprit.

Announced later for tonight in 2 out of 3 falls match for #1 contendership at Summerslam, Rey Mysterio against Jack Swagger.

Matt Hardy and Christian vs. Drew McIntyre and “Dashing” Cody Rhodes. Matt hits the Twist of Fate on Rhodes but McIntyre runs in and hits the Future Shock DDT on Hardy for the win.

There was a promo where LayCool were bragging about Layla winning at the PPV. Teddy Long said that they would defend the belt against Tiffany next week.

Dolph Ziggler beat Kofi Kingston in a non-title match. Vickie Guerrero was with Dolph.

Big Show beat SES Mercury, and we know it’s him because after Show beat him he pulled the mask off and showed it was Joey Mercury.

Jack Swagger vs. Rey Mysterio, best of three falls.

Rey won the first fall when Swagger put him in the Ankle Lock, wouldn’t let go and the ref DQ’d him.

Swagger won the second fall when he made the hurt Rey tap out to the Ankle Lock.

Rey won the third fall and gets the shot at Kane at Summerslam.